In Los Angeles, blackberries come in little cardboard containers that cost about $5 bucks a pint. That is a very lame way to obtain one of summer’s sweetest delights. One of my fondest memories of summers Washington is of picking blackberries. It is a great outdoor activity to enjoy with your family and friends.

Blackberry picking in washington

Blackberries are best enjoyed with purple fingers. When you have sweated and slaved in the sun, circumventing disaster by not falling headlong into the profusion of blackberry brambles, emerging triumphant with a big bucket of berries- somehow they taste better!

Now, reminiscing about my blackberry-picking past, I can’t wait ’til the blackberry patch in my yard in Sequim is ready for me to pounce on! The art of picking blackberries is lost on those who’ve not spent endless summer days on their quest for the fruit. As my berries turn from green, to yellow to red and finally to purple, I will patiently have to content myself with memories of years past and prepare my palate for blackberry lemonade, blackberry cobbler, blackberries on ice cream and blackberry jam.

So to those of you in Washington who think of the blackberry bushes as an invasive weed, just remember the poor souls elsewhere who are stuck with the little cardboard pints of hard-as-a-rock “blackberries” devoid of flavor and heart.

After living in Southern Calif. for way too many years I am so happy to be here again and if you spot something moving in the blackberry bushes, it’s not a bear ~ it’s probably me!