Realtor Interview Questions

Unfortunately, many people choose a real estate agent based on the idea that all agents are basically the same. They sign with the first agent to come along, only to realize too late that they should have done a bit of homework. The following questions are designed to help you avoid that mistake by equipping you with what to look for in selecting the proper agent to sell your home.

Start by asking friends and acquaintances. A personal referral is one good way in which to select your agent. Once you have compiled a list of those agents, then follow the guidelines below to interview the agent.

Question #1Can you send me some information about yourself?
Look for professionalism and consistency

Question #2- How do you approach your work?
Look for a business person that has a strategy and a team to work with.

Question #3- How many homes have you closed this past year?
Look for an agent who’s active in your area.

Question #4- What is the dollar volume of homes you have sold in the past year?
Beware of agents who use their company stats vs. their own.

Question #5- How long have you been in the business?
Longevity in the business does not always mean success. However, look for an agent that has been in the industry for at least 3 years. The fall-out ratio for agents in the business under 3 years is over 80%.

Question # 6- Do you have a personal assistant or other support staff working for you?
Most top agents employ (out of their own pocket) an assistant or staff. It is imperative that the agent have support in order to take care of the details of the transaction. How can your agent be both actively listing and sell homes while working on the details of your closing at the same time? Things can fall through the cracks that may cause critical problems with your transaction. By working with an agent who has a team, you are assured of a smooth and efficient experience.

Question # 7- What will you do to keep me informed?
Do you want weekly reports from your agent? Will the agent be able to meet these expectations? Determine how much communication you want, then find an agent who will give you the attention and time you deserve.

Question #8- Can you give me references from previous clients?
Don’t be afraid to ask for references. An agent who provides ‘raving fan’ service and is proud of their work will be happy to provide references.

Question #9- What is best way for me to get in touch with you?
You should know exactly how to get through to your agent or assistant.

Question #10- What awards have you received in the past couple of years?

Make sure your agent is a professional and is well regarded in the industry. Awards and recognition are a good indicator of performance.